New Town’s Eco-Park of 480 acres presents an opportunity to create an urban community that values nature as anessential part of quality of life. The inspiration and enjoyment one gets from being close to nature cannot be denied-- the benefits to physical and mental health are well known. However, even more important in an urban setting,ecosystems provide cities with services that are critical for good urban functioning. The park features urban recreational spaces and three sections - ecological zones, theme gardens and open spaces. In ecological section, there are wetlands, urban forests and grasslands 

Eco Tourism Park surrounds a picturesque water body that measures 104 acres in surface area. It has an island in the middle, which can be reached by a bridge. On the lakeside, there is a beautiful promenade, sculpture court, Bengali restaurant and breathtaking wildflower meadows. There is a special 'Active Zone' in the park that features a visitor centre, an urban museum, crafts haat and a number of food outlets. Be it Chinese Garden, Bonsai Garden, Cactus Walk, Bamboo Garden, Butterfly Garden or Heliconia Garden - these gardens mesmerise every onlooker. In this expansive park, even the open field with grass and nothing else looks appealing. An amphitheatre, children's play area, mist house, tea plantation and a water garden are other highlights of this park.