Call For Paper

Technical Papers Committee of the Congress announces “CALL FOR PAPERS” for the annual event of the Indian Foundry Industry.

Author/authors are requested to note the following while submitting the papers

  • Subject should be aligned with the conference theme specified above.
  • Apart from manufacturing & material areas, the subject areas like fundamental research, HR, finance, automation, management, environment, export issues, skill development, simulation, resource conservation, interesting specific case studies, etc., are welcome.
  • Customers can also submit papers giving their perspective, expectations, etc.
  • All papers should have an abstract in the beginning and conclusion/references at the end.
  • It should not have been presented or published anywhere.
  • It should not be ‘directly’ promoting neither the institution/company nor marketing it’s product.
  • It should be in English language and only in ‘WORD’ format. The maximum of pages in A4 size format should be 10. Video hyperlinks are welcome.
  • It should not be in ‘Read only’ mode.
  • Institution/company logos should not appear in the paper.
  • All papers should have a title in tune with the subject dealt with.
  • Names of author/authors, organization if any, contact email ID should be given under the title of the paper.
  • Submit on line to email ID, before 31st of October 2023, a draft abstract of the paper limited to a maximum of 600 letters. The committee will come back within 10 days of submission regarding acceptance of the draft and permission to submit the full paper.
  • Submit the full paper, before 15th of December 2023, online to the same ID.
  • All selected papers will be included in the pen drive which will be part of the registered delegate’s kit. They will be considered as transactions of the IIF congress.
  • The Technical Papers committee of the congress reserves the right to reject a paper without any communication or can request for modifications, if found necessary.
  • The committee reserves the right to make some changes like font, etc so that all papers in the pen drive have common format.
  • IIF reserves the right to publish any of the papers in IIF’s ‘Indian Foundry Journal’.
  • IIF reserves the right to sell the pen drive in IIF stalls or online.