MSME & Aluminium Conclave


  1. The MSME sector in India has about 5000 foundries, spanning from Patiala in the North to Coimbatore in the South.
  2. The Make in India campaign has opened up new opportunities for MSMEs and at the same time put across challenges, like the need for investments in modern manufacturing/design tools, balanced automation, up-scaling of IT and stringent quality requirements.
  3. In order to facilitate the MSME foundries, IFC has planned for an exclusive MSME Conclave on 27th Feb 2020, which will prepare the Foundrymen to face the challenges in productivity improvement through low cost automation, skill development and B2B meetings.
  4. This conclave will bring together MSME foundries, casting buyers and MSME ministry officials on a common platform to facilitate deliberations and enlighten the foundries to understand the schemes floated by the ministry.
  5. Various MSME clusters across India will be sharing their challenges & expectations.

MSME Conclave is complementary only for MSME Registered delegates.


Aluminium, the light weight metal is expected to find increased usage in the automotive industry.

To make significant improvements in aluminium productivity and to prepare for a rapidly growing market, the IFC will also focus on Aluminium, with a separate Aluminium Conclave.

This Conclave will provide opportunities for Engineers, Programmers, Die designers, Simulation engineers and Tool makers, with a special focus on 3D printing and fast track development.

Eminent speakers from the Aluminium industry will be invited for a discussion in this session.