As a part of the 65th IFC, there will be three Technical Sessions, with three parallel proceedings in each session, on topics of interest to the metalcasting industry. “Casting challenges, moulding opportunities” is the theme of 65th IFC, IFEX and Cast Expo. Technical Sessions Sub-committee has chosen following areas for various presentations to reflect the overall theme:-

• Green Foundry
• Innovations/Make in India
• Non Ferrous Alloy Technology
• Ferrous Casting Technology
• Foundry Automation / Modernization / Foundry Management
• Casting Simulation
• Special Casting Technologies-Investment, Centrifugal, 3 D Casting & other recent advances
• Technology Transfer/IPR
• Newer Material Development/ Smart Foundry Papers would be presented by domain experts and there will also be overseas speakers. Sessions will be enriching with focus on application and case studies.